Our Services

the BLARE foundation empowers special needs families to become strong advocates for their children.

Your journey begins by scheduling a complimentary appointment so that we can get to know you. From our discussions , we will explore your options to develop your customizable plan of action.

Whatever it takes, know that we are here for you.

Sara, Volunteer

Our services include:

  • A free advocacy/resource guided exploration system which:
    • Streamlines your search by providing timely and practical help.
    • Connects you with needed professionals, organizations and strategies.
    • Centralizes and customizes your search through a collaborative discussion of your needs.
  • The BLARE system, which uses an iPad and a customizable app to provide voice to the voiceless.
    • The BLARE system is designed for children whose physiological, structural or behavioral development prevents them from articulating clearly or are non verbal. This includes individuals with Downs syndrome, CP, Tourettes, and Autism. Using donated “outgrown” iPads with customizable apps, children and their communication partners learn and practice strategies and techniques, which enhance functional communication. You become empowered as your loved ones become more effective communicators.
  • Social communication groups for autistic young adults using iPad technology
  • Senior communication groups which integrate seniors into the community by providing iPad intergenerational training. Here, young autistic adults connect with senior citizens allowing both generations to feel a vital part of the community.
We're here to offer you kindness, love, and comfort.

Blair Brenner, Founder

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