Today, there’s an overwhelming amount of information available on all topics related to children. Divided into three parts, this section provides you with some helpful resources. Please remember we are available to answer questions and assist you on your journey.

I. Gathering General Information

The first section covers child development both typical and atypical. It also includes special ed rights, terms and school based services in Illinois.

II. Gathering Specific Diagnostic Information

Today, there’s an overwhelming amount of information available at the national, state, and local level leaving one to wonder just how to begin. Our resources are divided into information and support.

III. Taking Action

With your guide you can sort through your options creating your unique plan. As your loved one grows, and your needs change remember we are here for you.

Parent Support Groups

Today, there are an abundance of parental support groups via Facebook, Instagram and other online sources available through special education specialists.  Many religious communities offer support and training which is open to all.  Talk with your BLARE guide to discuss ones which best meet your needs.

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